5 things that might help you sleep well at night 

5 things that might help you sleep well at night

I often can’t sleep at night when I’m in a new place, so I’ve come up with some ways to improve my sleep problems.

Good sleep requires an external environment that is conducive to sleep, as well as a suitable internal environment. Today I’m going to share how to improve the internal environment for sleep: how to overcome confusion in your thoughts.

Here are 5 personal practices to share.


1. keeping a diary

Most of the time we can’t sleep because our minds are often filled with thoughts about how much we haven’t accomplished today and what we need to do tomorrow.

After these confusing thoughts take over, it is hard to calm down for a while.

You can use a computer or a pen and paper to write down all the thoughts that come to your mind, such as the work you haven’t done today, the bills you have to pay tomorrow and other personal matters you have to take care of.

By writing them down, you will feel as if you are transferring your computer’s memory to your hard drive, freeing you from your uncertainty and giving you peace of mind.

I have my own diary and I will get up early to jot down my plans for the day, as well as take it out at night when I can’t sleep and write something down.


2. Thanksgiving

Sometimes we are very anxious and miserable, feel that our body is not handling relationships well, and other worries and fears. When we have these feelings, our body is in a very anxious state.

However, when the heart is filled with gratitude, these negative feelings go away without notice.

What I often do is to remember people and things that I can remember from my childhood. What happened to my little friend who played with rocks with me when I was a kid? Grateful that he was able to play with me. Grateful for my sister, for my parents, for my middle school English teacher.

Often I’m asleep before I’m thankful for college.

You need to be really thankful, think back to his face and voice, think about what he did for you; think about what you would say to him if you met him today; or what you would write to him if you wrote to him.

When each person you think about carefully like this, it’s easy to calm you down. Try it the next time you can’t sleep.


3. read a book.

A lot of times we ramble because there isn’t one thing we can do to focus.

And reading is a very good practice to calm you down and focus your brain. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I read or listen to a book. When you read a book you have to focus on understanding the meaning of the book, especially if you read something wonderful and calming.

Even if you end up spending an hour or two without falling asleep, at least it’s better than just rambling.

And usually by the time you’ve read 10 or 20 minutes, you’re asleep.


4. Yoga

Yoga is not a girls-only exercise, it’s for both girls and boys, and it calms you down and is very effective, especially when you’re doing unilateral yoga moves, like standing on one leg, you’re not thinking about anything else in order to keep yourself from falling down.

And of course all the other moves that need to engage your body’s balance also calm you down.

Many times I do it halfway through and I feel sleep coming on.


5: Breathe.

Sometimes conditions don’t allow you to practice yoga, or share a roommate, and you can’t influence others to turn on the light and write in their journals.

You can pay attention to your breathing, even though we usually breathe, and you can try to regulate your breathing yourself or control blinking. Especially when you can’t sleep and your thoughts are confused, try to feel your breathing.

Feel the air go through your nostrils, down your throat, fill your lungs, sink into your belly, and focus on the whole process of breathing in and out. Experience for yourself the sensation of exhaling to the end and then inhaling again. Breathing activates your vagus nervous system. It makes it easier for the body and mind to calm down.


These are the 5 practices and things that might help you sleep well at night  I personally recommend, and not every method may work for you.

But the next time you run into a situation where you can’t sleep with your thoughts, give it a try.

If you have a good idea, feel free to share it with us.


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